Amy Wehner

Birth Educator, Doula, & Photographer


Amy is a natural birth educator, doula and photographer in Southern Minnesota.  Her journey in this field began with her pregnancy and birth of her daughter in 2010-2011.  Until then, she assumed that she would follow the conventions of a medicated, hospital birth; however, thanks to a great support team and her education through The Bradley Method®, she was able to have a beautiful, peaceful water birth at home.

It was this experience that led her to seek training as a Bradley® instructor and pursue the career of an educator and doula.  She strongly desires to help women educate themselves about the birth process and birth options, and she is an advocate for women’s health and, after more than 2 years of breastfeeding, women’s breastfeeding rights.  Amy’s other interests include spending time with her daughter and husband, photography, art, and studying and teaching languages.

(Se ofrece clases de Bradley® en español)

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