Jennie Schindle 

Doula, CD(DONA)

Birth is a very special occasion in a woman’s life. Jennie feels so honored when a woman chooses her to be her doula during the birth of her baby to provide support for both her and her partner. These birth memories are moments in our lives we will never forget and this is why she feels so honored when a woman allows her to be a part of that memory; a memory that lasts a lifetime. Jennie has always been passionate about birth, but since the birth of her third child at home in March of 2009 she has been even more passionate about it. It was the most amazing event of her life and she wants to help women have that same feeling after their birth. Jennie works for you and only you and because of this she is able to help guide you through the birth process in an unbiased way. Jennie is currently a trained doula through DONA and a Certified Lactation Specialist. Jennie, her husband and four kids live in North Mankato.