Steffaney Thomas

Doula, Registered Nurse, Public Health Nurse


Steffaney always said she wanted to be a “nurse for babies” ever since she was a young girl. During her time in college, she took a semester off to spend 4 months working at a children’s center in Mozambique Africa. Her roommate there was a certified midwife who often shared stories of the miracle that is birth. This was the first time Stef ever heard someone talk about the birthing process as something beautiful, joyful, and empowering rather than something dreadful and filled with pain. It was then that Stef’s passion for birth had its genesis. Steffaney came back to Mankato, began nursing school and tried to gain experience in labor and delivery units whenever possible. Steffaney finished school and graduated from MSU’s Nursing program with honors at the top of her class in 2013. Through her time in Africa, her education, and her own birthing experience Steffaney's love for helping mothers in and through the birthing process has only grown. To pursue this passion, Stef has started her certified Doula training with Birth Arts International and has future plans to become a certified midwife. Stef loves working with The Green Stork as a doula to serve families in the southern Minnesota region. She feels it is a true honor to be invited into someone’s birth, and no matter what her role in the process… it’s a joy that’s never taken for granted. Although Stef loves being a doula and nurse, she most cherishes her roles as a wife and mother. She is also an adventure junkie who loves to travel and explore new cultures; from scuba diving to skydiving it’s usually a resounding yes for Stef!