Stephanie Holthus

1051 Madison Ave, Suite 1

Mankato, MN 56001

CLC, Certified Lactation Counselor

CD, Certified Birth Arts International Doula

CPDT, Certified Professional Doula Trainer BAI

CE, Childbirth Educator

PES, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

President of the Deep Valley Birth Collective



I’m Steph.  I’m a creator, doula, adventure seeker, life-long student, mother to two amazing boys, homeschool mom, coffee lover, and whole food junkie.

I feel so blessed to be doing the work I love now I recall a time when I was working 40-60 hours a week in the corporate world, traveling around the country visiting with multimillion dollar customers.  I loved my work and responsibilities, but I longed for a more meaningful job. 

After the birth of my first son, I found myself dreaming of this “mother-baby center” in my off-time: a place for mothers to connect, find support, and meet like-minded people. I spent hours plotting out a place for families to find the childbirth education that fit them best; a place for them to learn about ALL their options revolving around birth. 

I dragged my husband along to look at two different buildings to purchase.  We just couldn’t figure out how we would get started and support our growing family at the same time.  I wanted so badly to bring resources to the Mankato, MN area.  I found it hard for myself to find the support I needed with my first pregnancy.  We had to drive to Rochester for childbirth ed classes.

By the time my second pregnancy came along, I wanted that birth to be different.  After my day job, I spent much of my time researching birth and connecting with other women. I had found my tribe.   I discovered that birth can be different; I suddenly knew I had options that I was unaware existed with our first pregnancy and birth.  I went against the grain and had a fully supported home birth. 

Then LIFE hit our family hard.  We quickly learned in 2013 just how precious life is – how precious TIME is.  Our then 13-month-old was diagnosed with infant leukemia (AML).  I spent months living in the hospital with him, separated from my first-born and husband who held down the fort at home.  I learned everything you could think of to help my baby survive. I strongly believed that we needed to support his entire being – mind, body, and spirit.  We were told that the type of leukemia he had was very rare. We had a few different things going against us; chances of survival were slim, and I refused to believe it or to be sad.  Of course, it was the hardest journey I’ve ever been on, but I remained happy in his presence.  Sure, we were living in a hospital and away from home, but I was going to make the best of every day – he deserved that.  With the help of my community, I was able to do this.  My little survivor underwent many surgeries, bone marrow biopsies, spinal taps, three rounds of intense chemo, and a double cord stem cell transplant.  Today he is a happy, whole, and healthy 6-year-old. 

This journey changed me. 

During this time, I learned the importance of taking control of your health care.  It’s okay to question your providers, because they are people too.  It’s okay to work with them. It’s okay to speak up.  I learned that just because I didn’t like one doctor one day, didn’t mean they wouldn’t be my favorite person the next week.  I learned the importance of wellness care -what it truly means to care for yourself and your family.  I learned that we can have a balance between alternative modalities and medical care.  I learned the importance of true connection.

Life gave me this beautiful opportunity to follow my dreams.  Instead of just teaching childbirth education after working in the corporate office, I decided that THIS, The Green Stork, is what I would do.  I devoted all my time into parenting my kiddos differently than we had before, differently than my husband I and were raised, and growing into the supportive doula I wanted to be.  I’m currently living my dreams and following my passion.  Life is good!

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