Echo Yeoman (she/ her) LPN, AA, AAS
Death & Bereavement Doula

I am many things, but above all, I am a healer.
I am a mother / grandmother from the Midwest.
I am a wife, a business partner, a lover of life's cycles.
I am originally from SD, I have planted in MN, & I have also enjoyed living in IA & CO.
I have battled health stigmas my entire life, but I am beginning to embrace all that I am.
I am the owner,  Holistic Wellness Mentor, Death & Bereavement Doula, & Intuitive of YeoDragon Wellness.
My heart's passion is to work with Mother Earth & Her divine energies; I do so through plants & the Cosmos. 

My soul's calling is to assist those facing end of life or perinatal loss in a way that honors them, their loved one(s), their community, & environment. I offer pre-planning guidance, support through perinatal loss & procedures / termination, legacy projects, to hold space / vigil, to guide through grief & memorial. I will be the biggest advocate for your options, dignity, & individualized needs.
I have an Advanced Course Death Doula Certification from The Deathwives & am working through an Abortion Doula Continuing Education course. I have a Specialized Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy Complementary Alternative Medicine Associates in Applied Science degree from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. And from North Iowa Area Community College I have my Diploma in Practical Nursing, as well as an Associates in Arts degree.

YeoDragon Wellness
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