Our History

In 2009 a group of individuals started throwing out the idea of starting a collective in the area to support moms in need! The timing wasn't right at this point, but the group continued to meet every month to discuss all things birth and postpartum. Over the next few years the group continued to grow and in late 2011 it was obvious that we wanted to collaborate and provide for the community. The Deep Valley Birth Collective was created with 13 founding members and in early 2012, we hosted our first event for the public. It was a screening of the movie called "Doula!" and what a success it was! Each year the collective continues to expand and host events for the Southern Minnesota community to help educate and connect women with individuals and practitioners that specialize in prenatal and postpartum care.

Current 2023 Board members:

President - Kelli Quast

Vice President - Raelene Kovaciny

Secretary - Miranda Winkels

Treasurer - Jennifer Stuvek

Archivist for Events - Bonnie Murphy

Our Mission

Deep Valley Birth Collective (DVBC) is comprised of motivated doulas, midwives, chiropractors, pelvic floor physical therapists, childbirth educators, birth advocates, massage therapists, and other birthy professionals. Our mission is to educate, empower, and connect women and their families through the childbearing years. Our goal is to educate families and the community about normal birth with our mantra “trust your body, trust your baby, trust your birth.”

We endorse CIMS mother-friendly childbirth initiative.

Individual biographies do not represent the views of the DVBC.