After the birth of my 3rd child, I started looking into ways to support families as I saw there was a need for myself.  Once my 4th child was born last year, I realized I had a calling to move forward and become a Postpartum Doula to assist families with the transition into parenthood. 

I am the person who is there to support mom, baby, and family through the fourth trimester. I am there to provide non-medical support in these important days and weeks following delivery and the welcoming of a new baby. Moms that have been able to spend time with a postpartum doula describe it as having that mom friend there when needed. Some of the services provided include infant care, infant education, sleep and feeding support, assistance with breastfeeding, and light household work.  I am Certified through Childbirth International.

Devin DP Moline
Lake Crystal, MN
(507) 327-7878